Sam Checa Product Designer
My name is Sam. I'm a self-taught
designer who loves to create
beautiful websites
mobile apps
icons and illustrations
beautiful websites
Design for
Web and Mobile
Icons and
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Recent Works

Diseño Web

REMY Architects

Architect Studio in NYC
"We'be been working with Sam  for two years. We set him on a mission, to bring STEL Order closer to excellence from a UI / UX design point of view. Every day we are closer."
Jesús Mora
— CEO of STEL Order


Brand of minimalist and Functional clothing for men and Women
STEL Order

STEL Order

Redesign of the CRM STEL Order platform, branding, logo, web, dashboard and apps.

My Current Skillset


My Experience

Some of the companies where I have developed my career and as a Freelance with clients around the world.

About Me
2017 - 2018

Social Talent

Visual designer, design in Sketch and Adobe of different brochures, catalogs and the company's website, as well as photo retouching.
Visual Designer
2018 - 2019


Senior designer, UX research, UI design, design systems and multiple web pages oriented to political parties and associations.
Senior Designer
2021 - Today

Devaway - Embersea

Help founders create and scale great products.
From Silicon Valley to Australia
Product Designer
2014 - Present


Digital Product Designer, with extensive experience in web and app design, working with startups (Mendesaltaren, Designit), companies (Movistar, Prosegur, Zara) and clients from all over the world.

What my clients say

"We were lucky to fall into the hands of Sam for the re-style of the platform. He is an absolutely autonomous, creative and very close designer at all times. Always committed to the company. Essential for the growth of Entretenemos. Expert in design and UX. I recommend it 100%."
Eric Ferrer
CEO of Entretenemos
"Sam is an exceptionally well-rounded Product Designer, combining an exquisite sense of aesthetic, a deep understanding of user flows, and a mastery of the necessary tools to bring his creations to life. We have greatly benefitted from this at Fotoloop, where he has taken the lead in designing all aspects of our mobile apps and website, including our icon and logo."
Gin Gindre
CEO of Fotoloop
"Sam is a great professional, from the first day he showed us his availability and patience, creative and with vision, we would certainly repeat."
Pablo Lax
Pamipe CEO
"Sam is a very talented person with a good disposition when it comes to work. I recommend it for the design area."
Auwlyee Cabrera
Happy customer
currently in
Alicante, Spain
Sam Checa, Product Designer

As a digital nomad I travel and work from anywhere

One of my passions is traveling, I am currently in sunny Alicante, my designs are inspired by my experiences and travels.
Stop worrying about bumps in the road and celebrate the ride.